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  • Top 4 tips for remodeling real estate

    Don’t OVER improve your home! Tip 1. Are you the nicest house on the block?! Careful with major improvements as you may not see that money come back to you when you go to resell your real estate investment. The nicest house on the block takes a hit in value because of the surrounding real […] Read more…

  • Which property type is right for you?

    Learn About Different Types of Property for Home Buyers Condo/Townhouse You own a unit (solely) within a larger complex, complete with common areas owned jointly with all other unit owners. *an apartment is rented out, not for sale. An apartment can have the identical appearance of a condo, the difference is, individual ownership vs. renters […] Read more…



    Congratulations and celebrate the coming of age where we as women, (I believe we are all independent women no matter what we do every day) are less inhibited and more enlightened and therefore encouraged to make a difference in our lives and in those around us. We don’t have to be overlooked if we aren’t […] Read more…

  • Gratitude Sent!

    I am a fourth generation Reno-ite. Like a typical small-town kid, I grew up thinking the first order of business was to get out of here! Although, there was so much fun to be had in the Sierras during my adolescence. For example; I found mountain biking and snowboarding in my late teens. You might […] Read more…