Buyer’s Agent Remaklus Realty is committed to representing only you, the home buyer in your real estate transaction. “SIMPLY BUYERS ONLY” are the words that direct the way we conduct our business. Your best interest is our only interest.

Historically, real estate agents represent the seller, their client who gives them a percentage of the sale price. A buyer’s agent represents solely the interests of the buyer. A buyer’s agent will assist you in your search for the home of your dreams through homes offered by any real estate agency, private owner, or new homes still under construction.

As a home buyer, you are our business. There is no question of loyalty. We are loyal to you. We begin by assisting you in getting prequalified with a lender. Next we search for a home that best suits your needs, desires and budget. Once the new home is located, we negotiate the best price and terms on your behalf and lead you through the inspection, escrow, insurance and closing processes. Best of all, there is no added cost to you.

Benefits of using Buyer's Agent

  • We answer key questions that the listing agent cannot
    • What is the property worth?
    • What is the seller’s motivation?
    • How much should I offer? or Should I keep looking?
  • We actively listen to your needs and wants
  • We provide complete confidentiality
  • We ensure full disclosure
  • We have a proven record of success

Services we provide at no extra cost

  • Finding the right home for you
  • Loan pre-qualification and financing
  • Negotiating the best price and terms
  • Inspections, repairs, re-inspection
  • Insurance needs
  • Escrow and title
  • Relocation concierge/referral services

We are multi-generational, native Nevadans with 40+ years of experience in real estate and over 20 years of experience as buyer’s agents. If the buyer agent concept is new to you, we have an extensive list of satisfied clients who will be delighted to share the details of their home buying experience or you’re welcome to browse through our testimonials.

The Team at Buyer’s Agent Remaklus Realty, LLC

Dee Dee (Remaklus) Cloud

40 Years Experience

Cody Remaklus

8 Years Experience