Top 4 tips for remodeling real estate

Don’t OVER improve your home! Tip 1. Are you the nicest house on the block?! Careful with major improvements as you may not see that money come back to you when you go to resell your real estate investment. The nicest house on the block [...]

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Which property type is right for you?

Learn About Different Types of Property for Home Buyers Condo/Townhouse You own a unit (solely) within a larger complex, complete with common areas owned jointly with all other unit owners. *an apartment is rented out, not for sale. An apartment can have the identical appearance [...]

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Interior designer is your peace of mind

Thinking of improving your home/real estate investment/business space? Have you considered working with a professional? Answer these questions to help understand why or why not to seek design guidance: How much of your own time and energy/expertise can you afford to use up? Locating materials, [...]


Home owner’s insurance AND a home warranty! Why?!

What does your home owner’s insurance cover on your real estate investment? Not enough. For example, you have a pipe that bursts in your home. The home insurance carrier will cover what the water damages, but will not fix the broken pipe. Sheesh. The rule [...]


How to Buy a Home in Your 20’s!

Find an EBA (Exclusive Buyer’s Agent) and HAVE A CONVERSATION, to help you learn about buying real estate. IT’S A PROCESS! The EBA will guide you in all that you need to know, do, decide etc. throughout the entire real estate transaction. Click here to [...]

choose your best deal buying one of this houses

Tips for buying a home

When doing a drive by of the home before you look inside… do a “drive about”. In other words; if it is close to the weekends, observe the neighbors on all sides, including behind the home. Evenings and weekends are a good time to see [...]


Top Misconceptions of Home Buyers

The sellers are in control. All real estate agents are the same. I probably can’t qualify for a loan. I think renting is just fine for now. It’s too hard to buy a house because I have never done it before. I am afraid I [...]


I am ready to buy a house. Wait!! What shoes should I wear?

Find an exclusive buyer’s agent who will only represent you, under all circumstances, and then you can wear slippers. Get good recommendations for a FEW lenders. Then interview them until you find the right fit. Make out a Wants vs Needs list before even looking [...]


7 ways to save money

Shop lenders by asking them what their processing (or junk fees) are and what their interest rates are. Stay under the price range that the lender has told you qualify for. Try not to buy in an HOA. If you buy something that just needs [...]

What Home Buyers Should Know About Homeowners Associations-350x210

What is an HOA and how will it affect me?

Home Owners Association (HOA) is an entity on its own in the state of Nevada. I don’t know how they did it, but they have more authority than most entities. They make up their own rules, time lines, budgets, fees, board members and the list [...]

Should You Consider a Fixer Upper When Buying a Home-500x312

Fixer Upper vs Turn Key??

Fixer upper can come in varying degrees of fixing. Don’t go beyond your scope of ability/comfort or your fixer budget all because it is a “Sweet Deal”. Sweet can turn into sour in a matter of minutes! Your once sweet deal then becomes someone else’s [...]

Credit Protection Tips for Home Buyers-350x233

Credit protection tips

How do I build a “Shield” for my credit?! In the past, NO credit was as bad or even worse than bad credit. Not so true anymore, but still better to HAVE credit. Be careful how you go about setting up your credit history! Map [...]

Are Rising Home Prices Sign of a New Housing Bubble-300x308

Housing Bubble?!!!

Whoever came up with that moniker was either extremely witty or bordering on the sarcasm front! I picture bubbles with houses in them, popping and falling on the ground, causing mayhem and havoc everywhere. Which it did! The problem now is, it seems every chance [...]

4 Myths about Buying a Home Directly Through a Listing Agent-300x212

Myth’s about buying a home directly through a listing agent

We love our fellow real estate peers! They list the homes, represent the sellers, work hard to get the repairs done with the sellers and help negotiate the terms and conditions of the offers we make; which is the way the process is supposed to [...]


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