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Congratulations and celebrate the coming of age where we as women, (I believe we are all independent women no matter what we do every day) are less inhibited and more enlightened and therefore encouraged to make a difference in our lives and in those around us.

We don’t have to be overlooked if we aren’t in business for ourselves, part of the 5% factor that are leading large corporations, nor any other niche of women who have been able to carve out a piece of the pie for themselves.

We are celebrating our voices being heard, our work being important and our lives being meaningful.  We DO make daily decisions that impact many people and they are GOOD decisions.  From managing a home to managing a career/work (which is often done at the same time)! We are the ultimate multi-taskers and we should revel in that little statement for a moment.

We are awesome at multi-tasking! We are the Kings and Queens of multi-tasking!  Take a deep breath in to your heart center and APPRECIATE that simple sentence. Allow yourself to notice your confidence level rising as you realize, that we as women are at the top of the charts in that category!  We can do anything we want to do just because we know how to balance so many things at one time.

So, wrap yourself in that beautiful blanket of confidence on this day, and know that you are not alone and most worthy of wearing it for the rest of your life!

Gratitude Sent!

I am a fourth generation Reno-ite. Like a typical small-town kid, I grew up thinking the first order of business was to get out of here! Although, there was so much fun to be had in the Sierras during my adolescence. For example; I found mountain biking and snowboarding in my late teens. You might think that sounds obvious but what I mean by “find” is deeply personal. In this area ski lessons when you are growing up is just like “piano lessons”; I was told I had to take them. “Finding” mountain biking and snowboarding were self-chosen, making them a spiritual endeavor too. Our great outdoors quietly guided me along, keeping me striving, all while I was convinced I needed to move somewhere “cool”, in order to be “cool”.  That dissatisfaction was waylaid for a moment when I “found” music. I began to pursue it vigorously. I found the music of other cultures to be a source of inspiration; insatiably so for the next 15 years. My musical pursuits required I leave Reno, often. There was a great benefit in coming back to a “small pond” through that era for me. I brought “water back to the desert” for years. Reno was a place for me to grow as a practitioner, performer, teacher etc. But it was still not the place I gave credit to for inspiring me. In hindsight Reno was in fact inspiring me throughout that time on very deep levels. However, I continued to feel I needed to travel away to find “coolness”. I took Reno for granted. It wasn’t until I poured my heart and soul in to teaching at UNR (in the music department), joined the family business and started a family of my own that I “realized” Reno. I acknowledged I had fallen in love about 5 years ago when I started to mountain bike again. It got me back on Peavine, back outside, exerting, breathing in all that fresh mountain air- (filled with its glorious terpenes) and just generally feeling grateful to be here. It seems like every week I find something, ‘new to me’ about my hometown! More on that later! 

What to be thankful for today? Our fresh air, our access to mother nature (just a 10min drive to Peavine for me), our relatively safe place to raise children, our budding art scene, the formation of Midtown (where I live and work) and above all, to myself for coming back here and allowing my roots to take hold!!  

What a great spring board our town is! Launch in to the great unknown, to national parks, hop on a plane, plunge in to the lakes, walk with the family at dusk and soak up our stellar sunsets…the list continues to grow for me and that makes all the difference in the world!

Administrative Assistants day or as I like to refer to it, the luckiest day of my life!!

Linda Davis is the best assistant because she cares about herself and what SHE does every day. Linda would not be with us if she did not enjoy the work, the people and the challenges we bring to her every day. I really do believe if you like what you do you will be the best at it and that is Linda. In addition to working as our Executive Admin. Assistant, she also owns and runs several companies of her own. She has more energy than that bunny that runs on batteries! Linda, we are in awe of your vitality, humor and your pure intent. Simply put- she is the best and no you cannot have her!!!

You can check out all of the other things she does here:

Instagram – @lularoelindadavis

Twitter – @lindalu2017

National High Five Day

We support Nickelodeon and are handing out free high fives to anyone who wants to stop by our office! Seriously, absolutely positively free!!! If you cant make it over than we ask that you pay it forward and high five someone you don’t know!! We will too!

Bidding Wars?!

One of my favorite/frustrating topics in the business of protecting the buyers during a real estate purchase is: “what do you do to avoid a bidding war”. Now if I told you all that, right here in this very public arena, it would not benefit my clients, as the secret would be out! However, I don’t want to be like Mrs. Fields and her cookies. So I will tell you this….

DON”T play. Take your money and move on. ALL BUYERS are the most important component in a real estate transaction!! Why? Because the buyer is the one with the money! Have you heard the phrase “he who has the cash is KING?” That is an aspect that gets distorted in the majority of real estate transactions. For decades the consumer has been disoriented by the smoke and mirrors of seller’s agents with subtext like: “how lucky you are that you GOT to purchase that home.”

As you will hear me say numerous times. “THE BUYER HAS THE CASH AND IS THE DRIVER IN EVERY REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION”!!! Now that doesn’t mean that you won’t be running into this type of situation in the future, but that is just one of many ways to take your control back.

LaNae Cloud

Rumors! Rumors! Rumors!

As I peruse the web on what’s trending, what other people think you (the consumer-client) want to hear about I end up scratching my head a little, getting up from my computer screen to look out my window and make sure I am still in the same world I thought I lived in and then I settle back in to the digital noise. In this moment, I have to say, “What?!” to my peers. The latest one out there is “How to shave 10 days off of your home buying transaction and save $500”. Ok you had my attention until you said “Automated Collateral Evaluations”. Is it just me or does it feel like the internet is sometimes saying “Soon you will never need to talk to another human?” I am attaching the web site that explains the “Automated Collateral Evaluations” which was presented by my beloved National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents (NAEBA) and probably seemed to them like a good eye catcher but it’s not practical. There are many great loans out there and the best way to find which lender has the best options, the best prices and the least amount of junk fees is to simply talk to a lender in person! Imagine that, in person! A good mortgage broker has so much knowledge; they listen to your questions and weigh your current situation with the best loan you should wear. And I am not a lender!! I just know their value. Bottom line is, increase your knowledge, by going beyond the internet. Do this by going straight to the source. It REALLY pays off in the end.

That web site I mentioned is:

A Local Legend

There are so many people that I would love to thank for their bravery in many instances; wars or just standing up every day for a good reason.

Not that I want to separate any of them, but I would like to share with you one of my favorite heroes.

Jack Streeter –he was one of my father’s best friends -and I was lucky enough to grow up with his influence and kindness. He taught me to pay attention to every human and their labors. A little about my hero: He was a native Nevadan, longtime Reno Resident and attorney. Jack attended Sparks High School, graduating in 1939 where he was voted most likely to succeed. He then attended the University of Nevada Reno and was a member of the Sigma Nu fraternity, ROTC and Pacific Golden Gloves Champion in the light heavy weight division. During World War II, Jack became the most decorated Nevadan from that war. He served as an officer in the First Infantry division and participated in the D-Day invasion, the assault across the Rhine River and Battle of the Bulge. His decorations include: 4 Silver Stars, 2 Bronze stars, 4 Purple Hearts and the Legion of Merit. The newest tower at the VA Hospital in Reno bears his name in honor of his heroic service. After the war, he attended Hastings Law school then moved back to Reno where he was Washoe County District Attorney from 1951-1954. He represented Harold’s Club during the sale to Howard Hughes and had many other prominent cases and clients. Jack was active in the community and helped form the Nevada District Attorney’s Association, served as President of the World Association of Lawyers, Chairman of the USS Nevada Commissioning Committee and was a member of the Knights of Malta.

To Jack: Thank you for taking the shirt off of your own back to keep us all warmer. We miss you

Deferring taxes – 1031 Exchange

The best time to start preparing for saving on your tax payments is right now (for next year)! Yes, a year before you have to pay again!! For a lot of us – our biggest investment is our homes – or is it? I humbly suggest that there are other ways to defer/save on taxes if you start ahead of time. Did you know that you can actually defer a taxable event created by the sale of real estate if you enter into what is called a 1031 tax deferred exchange? The government has allowed us to have a one-time total tax deferment (or avoidance of a capital gains tax) once in our lives, either as an individual or twice that amount as a married couple. But if you want to stave that off until the very last home you feel you will need to sell in this life, you can accomplish that by exchanging one property for another. Keep in mind you can only exchange like-kind. However, there is more to it than that and working with a seasoned Real Estate agent, cpa, attorney or a 3rd uninterested exchange intermediary you can achieve your goals. Please connect with us for more information.

This link here has further information on what a 1031:

AHHHH! Spring Cleaning is upon us – Again!

What wonderful words of wisdom or tools of success can I give you?? I am sincerely inclined to say: spend an extra hour cleaning on the inside, shampoo the carpet once, wash the windows (so it will rain the next day), box up the winter clothes and un pack the spring and summer clothes, don’t try on any bathing suits right now, don’t start self-tanning lotions yet, don’t sign up for any spring outdoor programs etc. Or you can do what I do and Watch the snow on Peavine!!! Having lived here my entire life and being a 3rd generation Reno-ite/Peavine watcher, I know what I’m talking about!! The best spring advice I can give is all related to that mountain. No planting, no painting, no self-coloring, and no outdoor sports joining (unless you haven’t packed up your winter clothes). Enjoy the current state of things by walking the mountain of Peavine and becoming one with it. When the snow is all gone, its Spring!! P.S. Wear boots its really muddy up there.

St. Paddys Day!!

Everybody is Irish or enjoys a good Irish tale! Our office is located in what we like to refer to as, lil’ Ireland. Since there will most likely not be a green line in the middle of the streets to guide you, know it’s in lower Midtown, two doors down from Rapscallion. Here you will find bars called Corrigan’s, Rapscallion, PJ’s and 40 Mile Saloon; there are various idiosyncrasies that each one of them hold up as unique and IRISH! We here at Buyer’s Agent – Remaklus Realty want to wish you well with a Bit O’ The Irish – Be they kings, or poets, or farmers, they’re a people of great worth, they keep company with the angels, and bring a bit of heaven here to earth.