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Congratulations and celebrate the coming of age where we as women, (I believe we are all independent women no matter what we do every day) are less inhibited and more enlightened and therefore encouraged to make a difference in our lives and in those around us.

We don’t have to be overlooked if we aren’t in business for ourselves, part of the 5% factor that are leading large corporations, nor any other niche of women who have been able to carve out a piece of the pie for themselves.

We are celebrating our voices being heard, our work being important and our lives being meaningful.  We DO make daily decisions that impact many people and they are GOOD decisions.  From managing a home to managing a career/work (which is often done at the same time)! We are the ultimate multi-taskers and we should revel in that little statement for a moment.

We are awesome at multi-tasking! We are the Kings and Queens of multi-tasking!  Take a deep breath in to your heart center and APPRECIATE that simple sentence. Allow yourself to notice your confidence level rising as you realize, that we as women are at the top of the charts in that category!  We can do anything we want to do just because we know how to balance so many things at one time.

So, wrap yourself in that beautiful blanket of confidence on this day, and know that you are not alone and most worthy of wearing it for the rest of your life!

Bidding Wars?!

One of my favorite/frustrating topics in the business of protecting the buyers during a real estate purchase is: “what do you do to avoid a bidding war”. Now if I told you all that, right here in this very public arena, it would not benefit my clients, as the secret would be out! However, I don’t want to be like Mrs. Fields and her cookies. So I will tell you this….

DON”T play. Take your money and move on. ALL BUYERS are the most important component in a real estate transaction!! Why? Because the buyer is the one with the money! Have you heard the phrase “he who has the cash is KING?” That is an aspect that gets distorted in the majority of real estate transactions. For decades the consumer has been disoriented by the smoke and mirrors of seller’s agents with subtext like: “how lucky you are that you GOT to purchase that home.”

As you will hear me say numerous times. “THE BUYER HAS THE CASH AND IS THE DRIVER IN EVERY REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION”!!! Now that doesn’t mean that you won’t be running into this type of situation in the future, but that is just one of many ways to take your control back.

LaNae Cloud

A Local Legend

There are so many people that I would love to thank for their bravery in many instances; wars or just standing up every day for a good reason.

Not that I want to separate any of them, but I would like to share with you one of my favorite heroes.

Jack Streeter –he was one of my father’s best friends -and I was lucky enough to grow up with his influence and kindness. He taught me to pay attention to every human and their labors. A little about my hero: He was a native Nevadan, longtime Reno Resident and attorney. Jack attended Sparks High School, graduating in 1939 where he was voted most likely to succeed. He then attended the University of Nevada Reno and was a member of the Sigma Nu fraternity, ROTC and Pacific Golden Gloves Champion in the light heavy weight division. During World War II, Jack became the most decorated Nevadan from that war. He served as an officer in the First Infantry division and participated in the D-Day invasion, the assault across the Rhine River and Battle of the Bulge. His decorations include: 4 Silver Stars, 2 Bronze stars, 4 Purple Hearts and the Legion of Merit. The newest tower at the VA Hospital in Reno bears his name in honor of his heroic service. After the war, he attended Hastings Law school then moved back to Reno where he was Washoe County District Attorney from 1951-1954. He represented Harold’s Club during the sale to Howard Hughes and had many other prominent cases and clients. Jack was active in the community and helped form the Nevada District Attorney’s Association, served as President of the World Association of Lawyers, Chairman of the USS Nevada Commissioning Committee and was a member of the Knights of Malta.

To Jack: Thank you for taking the shirt off of your own back to keep us all warmer. We miss you

Happy Womens Day!

La Nae ‘Dee Dee’ Cloud has always been in a man’s world representing women. She has always felt a like minded spiritual connection with every woman, no matter what she is doing, because whatever it is – its heavy! She is the oldest of four and was raised to believe she could do anything and should do something!!! She raised three wonderful children to become responsible civic minded adults and has been graced with three grandchildren that she can now, spoil rotten. Years ago Dee Dee started a company called Women’s Real Estate Counseling to help women (single, married, divorcing or whatever) to guide them in making good decisions for themselves with regards to their investments and/or homes. She was later recognized by the Professional Women’s Networking Group with the ‘Woman of the Year’ award. When asked what she has been up to after that, she replied; ” I started Buyer Agents Remaklus Realty (BARR) in 1996 and can honestly say it was far more difficult to educate the consumer back then. I then put BARR on ice for 10 years in 2007 as the market was not a good one for buyers and the need for property management was very high. So I moved into property management until April of 201.”…” I felt I had helped people move through the pit falls of the Reno bubble bursting and helped them work on their credit, getting back into a position of buying a home. I also had the honor of getting to know hundreds of millennial’s and helping them establish credit by renting in the same way. All of that gave me a new prospective of investment property, tenants, conditions etc. I have been and always will be an advocate for women to be successful in any line of work. It is all important…and at the risk of sounding a bit smug…without us women in this world everything around us would still be overgrown, running rampant, devoid of manners, culture and even more seriously…completely empty on all levels! So, celebrate being a woman and enjoy all of the extra things we have going for us…empowerment, compassion, fun clothes and shoes, enlightenment, make-up, freedom to love, freedom to guide, mani/pedi’s, girlfriends and the choice every day to make a difference. Happy Womens Day!!”

Don’t forget to Spring Forward!

The worst thing about daylight savings is Monday!!! Am I right?! So my unorthodox tip is this: Lets get used to the time change starting now (5 Days Prep!). Yes I am talking about setting our clocks back today…just remember you are an hour early for every appointment..but start by getting used to getting up early for the next 5 days…enjoy your extra hour of time for yourself, for those 5 days..and come Monday you may not have as worn out a day, before it even starts. And hey!! Let me know what you did with those 5 extra hours you got …and would love to hear the funny stories about those early meetings and dinners!!!

Stories of my Father

Where The Montage Sits…

In the old days where the Montage sits today used to be a Sears, Roebuck and Company, a Pennys’ and a barber shop among other little places, including the Sierra Bar where my dad worked before he went into the Army Air Force. I used to keep my shoe shine box in the back of my dad’s bar and when I walked in to town (I lived on what is now known as the corners of Keystone and 7th) I would shine shoes for $.15 a shine and if I needed more money I would go to other bars. If I made enough money I could go see a movie for $.11 and I would get my popcorn for $.05 at Payless, which was across the street from the movies and was cheaper than buying it at the theatre. I was 6 years old at that time.

A true sense of home and connection

Being a 3rd generation Northern Nevadan brings a great deal of pride to me personally.   A true sense of home and connection knowing my great grandfather once walked the same streets I do now. My sweet grandmother tearing up the town in her day…makes me smile. My dad has so many stories…from what I gather he was quite the youngster/man about town. Reno and Lake Tahoe offer so many experiences to enjoy and I don’t know if there is a hobby out there that cant be done in our area!

Meet Dee Dee

With 40 years of experience in the real estate industry Dee Dee (Remaklus) Cloud found her niche in being a Buyer’s Agent and keeping to her motto of “Simply Buyers Only”! She walked away from dual representation over 20 years ago and has never regretted it, seeing as her passion lies in representing BUYERS ONLY through their home buying process.

Ever feel like the home buyer is the underdog? The seller always knows more about the property for sale and tends to have an advantage over the buyer. Dee Dee has made it her mission to empower buyers so they are the ones driving the home buying process instead of the seller. Through counseling, inspections, negotiations, loan reviews, representation throughout the escrow process, Dee Dee’s experience and knowledge is a buyers advantage when purchasing a property or home. With her unbiased opinion of value, the buyer will understand the pros and cons before making any decisions about their investment. Actually it’s the ultimate investment! It is up to the client to make it a home but Dee Dee will make sure that it’s your best investment yet and can be resold at the best price if or when the time comes.

Dee Dee says “I will always point out if it does not qualify as a good investment by saying don’t buy that house or that investment. I just want my client to get the best that they deserve. I sleep well at night knowing my loyalty lies with my client who is always the buyer.”

Benefits of Experience

  • Working in a title company
    • A good understanding of the importance of choosing the right company and recognizing unnecessary fees to the buyer.
  • Working in the mortgage field
    • Knowledge of what is negotiable, what fees are acceptable and what loans are available to suit my client.
  • Experience representing sellers
    • A better understanding that helps with negotiations.
  • Knowledge of Properties & Home in the Northern Nevada Region
  • Experience with what properties or homes could rent for.
  • A great network of referrals who can make repairs or replacements should they be needed.

Dee Dee’s Passions

I absolutely love Northern Nevada because there is no sport, hobby or passion that can’t be accomplished here. I love to ski, hike, kayak, paddle board, water ski, sail, snowshoe, cross country, sledding, go biking (in a far more mature sense i.e. slower and flatter as opposed to my insanely fit son). I love spending time with my 3 grandchildren and exploring with them. My daughter is an interior designer in Reno (after living and studying in London for so many years!). This is a huge bonus for my clients as she can help to make their home or investment more sustainable!!

Buyer’s Agent’s mission is to ensure the buyers have complete, exclusive representation during their purchase. The only way that can be accomplished is to work with SIMPLY BUYERS ONLY.

Our history with Buyer’s Agent Remaklus Realty began in 2003. Our son was looking for a home in Reno…
Craig and Maurice Johnson-Demers