Congratulations and celebrate the coming of age where we as women, (I believe we are all independent women no matter what we do every day) are less inhibited and more enlightened and therefore encouraged to make a difference in our lives and in those around [...]

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Gratitude Sent!

I am a fourth generation Reno-ite. Like a typical small-town kid, I grew up thinking the first order of business was to get out of here! Although, there was so much fun to be had in the Sierras during my adolescence. For example; I found [...]


Administrative Assistants day or as I like to refer to it, the luckiest day of my life!!

Linda Davis is the best assistant because she cares about herself and what SHE does every day. Linda would not be with us if she did not enjoy the work, the people and the challenges we bring to her every day. I really do believe [...]


National High Five Day

We support Nickelodeon and are handing out free high fives to anyone who wants to stop by our office! Seriously, absolutely positively free!!! If you cant make it over than we ask that you pay it forward and high five someone you don’t know!! We [...]

How to Make Your Best Home Purchase Offer a Smart Offer-350x233

Bidding Wars?!

One of my favorite/frustrating topics in the business of protecting the buyers during a real estate purchase is: “what do you do to avoid a bidding war”. Now if I told you all that, right here in this very public arena, it would not benefit [...]

Automated Appraisals Could Ease Home Buying Process-300x200

Rumors! Rumors! Rumors!

As I peruse the web on what’s trending, what other people think you (the consumer-client) want to hear about I end up scratching my head a little, getting up from my computer screen to look out my window and make sure I am still in [...]


A Local Legend

There are so many people that I would love to thank for their bravery in many instances; wars or just standing up every day for a good reason. Not that I want to separate any of them, but I would like to share with you [...]


Deferring taxes – 1031 Exchange

The best time to start preparing for saving on your tax payments is right now (for next year)! Yes, a year before you have to pay again!! For a lot of us – our biggest investment is our homes – or is it? I humbly [...]


AHHHH! Spring Cleaning is upon us – Again!

What wonderful words of wisdom or tools of success can I give you?? I am sincerely inclined to say: spend an extra hour cleaning on the inside, shampoo the carpet once, wash the windows (so it will rain the next day), box up the winter [...]


St. Paddys Day!!

Everybody is Irish or enjoys a good Irish tale! Our office is located in what we like to refer to as, lil’ Ireland. Since there will most likely not be a green line in the middle of the streets to guide you, know it’s in [...]


Happy Womens Day!



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